Tuesday, 23 April 2013

April 20th, 2013

I know each companion I'm given has really strengthened me and made my testimony grow. I also think Heavenly Father has seen this and sent me a blessing her name is: Sister Pickrel (I call her sister Pickle! lol) She is so easy going, hard working, and spiritual. I am having a blast with her, we laugh almost as hard as we work :)

We are teaching some golden people (I just love them). Jackson went on chat and asked us if he could be baptized. At first we were cautious but helpful because you never know if they are sincere or not on chat (lots of anti's go on it because its an easy anonymous way to be anti). After talking to Jackson more it was apparent that he was sincere. He has been attending seminary and church with friends since early March and he even has his own scripture set! He knows God is his Father and talks (prays) to him often. We have been teaching him over the phone and were able to get in contact with his bishop in Colorado. He meets with the local missionaries today! I can't stop thinking/praying for him in my heart. I pray that he can "stay fixed with a determined resolution" (Alma 47) at the top of his foundation of faith in Christ.

Through a member referral from a dear dear friend from Calgary I was able to start strengthening John. John has been less active since his early teens (now hes 19). At first he was friendly but slightly sarcastic. He moved to Utah from California when he was in his senior year and was anyone of the people here and the fact that his senior year was with them. After talking with him about random facts about each other he opened up more. He told me of how he didn't think it was worth my time because he is less active or as he said called it "an old Catch" lol. After assuring him that I wasn't here to just help people who weren't members of the church but all of Heavenly Father's children, he seemed OK with it. The real reasons he became inactive is because he didn't feel good enough. He had made certain choices that hindered his illegibility to apply to serve a mission at the time. The pressure and disappointment he felt from his family was too much which led to more transgressions. He tried to go back to church a couple of times but he didn't know anyone at YSA and no one made an effort to fellowship him or befriend him. He felt guilt when he attended church because he felt he had messed up too many times. When I asked him despite all those things how was his relationship with Heavenly Father, he said: "I could pray but I don't want to get answers, I know God isn't happy with me." I could feel his pain, I know many if not all of us have been in his situation with varying degrees. The Spirit helped me discern that he had lost site of who he was and what that meant. So I thought of a simple analogy.

 I told him of a boy and his dog..."They loved each other and spent as much time with each other as they could. Than one day while playing the dog bit the boy and in fear of being punished ran away. The boy than spent days, weeks, months and even years searching for his dog. He didn't care that the boy had bit him, the dog was his and he loved him. One day a girl told the boy where his dog was. He ran to the dog and..." I paused and asked Jacob what the boy did. He was quiet now. The spirit was comforting and teaching both of us."...the boy picked up his dog and embraced him." It was obvious that the girl was my friend from Calgary, the boy was Heavenly Father and the dog was John. The Spirit pierced (3 Nephi 11:3) our hearts at that moment. I testified to John that he was a son of God. God loved him and is waiting with open arms to embrace him with love and peace. Both of us had shaky voices. The next thing he told me was the reason I came to serve the Lord. He said that he hadn't felt that sprite feeling (the spirit) in a long time, and that he wanted to feel it more. He said and I quote, "I guess I've been waiting for someone to go out of there way, and than I might come back." I assured him I would help him come back, that if he really wanted to be happy and relied on the Savior he could. I know he can. I will do everything in my power so that he is successful and I know that Heavenly Father is doing all that He can as well. We have had a couple of lessons so far and slowly but surely he is remembering who he is. What a blessing it is that I can witness it.

I also got to be on the phone with a man from Sweden living currently in India with a Hindu background Pray for the first time in his life. He so beautifully expressed love and thankfulness for God, and me and my companion. Than he simply asked if the Book of Mormon was the word of God. Man oh man I love my calling!

Sister Pickrel and Guest services are the BOMB.com lol There is a lot to learn with scheduling investigator lesson tours, answering questions and scheduling everything at the Square I haven't done too much damage but I did mess up one tour in particular. I scheduled a investigator family lesson and assigned me and sister Pickrel to it. When the Elders and Family showed up I had overlooked one detail, they needed it to be Spanish speaking. Neither I nor Sister Pickrel know Spanish :S lol We apologized and found sisters who could. As if it wasn't awkward enough I left them with, "well, por favours, Sorry!" Only 10 mins later did my comp tell me the "por Favour" means please not friends lol WOw I pulled a Vick.

My mom and grandparents came to visit it was so good I love them so much!
I miss my Korean mom i made Kimchee pancakes and sushi!
Sister Garcia is in my district!

CTR love you all! -Sister Nelson


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

April 9th 2013

This week has been filled with small and big big BIG miracles! Sister Oh’s leg was hurting her so she went to the doctor and started physio therapy. Her pelvic bone is affecting her back, hip, and knee. When it hurts her too much I push her in a wheel chair. It’s sad but we have fun with it. We’ve had the primary song “I’ll Walk with You” stuck in our heads all week. Now not only does she not talk the same as other people (her accent) but she doesn’t walk like other people either.

            If you don't walk as most people do,

Some people walk away from you,
But I won't! I won't!
If you don't talk as most people do,
Some people talk and laugh at you,
But I won't! I won't!
I'll walk with you. I'll talk with you.
That's how I'll show my love for you.

HAHA its good to make light of it, otherwise we might have gotten discouraged. This was a huge concern for conference. Conference is the busiest time of spring, not only that but the spirit is so strong. This creates the perfect teaching environment. Here we can uplift members, nonmembers and less active members and then invite them to come closer to Christ. We prayed mightily she would be fit to perform for this exhausting event (we start contacting people from 9am until 930pm with two 20min breaks for meals). The temple square mission makes a goal of baptisms per six months preceding each conference. Conference is vital in making our goal, it sets the tone for the work and gets it started. Last conference we had a goal of 415 Baptisms, the mission had 436! This conference our goal is….wait for it…wait for it…486 Baptisms!!! We work in a pyramid sort of way to reach that goal each companionship needed to receive their personal goal of referrals that would work towards the Baptism goal. Sister Oh and I were support to receive 100 referrals.

Well conference came and so did the people! It was so exiting and the spirit was everywhere. I saw friends from Canada! And all over! We talked to everyone we could and made new friends. We received 2 new investigators who asked to learn more. We uplifted everyone we could through the Holy Ghost. When people feel the spirit, they are more inclined to want to do better and tell their friends and family about the Gospel.

Sister Oh and I had the opportunity to attend a session of General Conference (Saturday Afternoon). When the prophet, Thomas S. Monson walked in, everyone (21,000 people) fell silent and stood up. I felt in my soul the feeling of the Holy Ghost described in 3Nephi 11:3 for the fist time in my life “…it being a small voice it did pierce them that did hear to the center, insomuch that there was no part of their frame that it did not cause to quake; yea, it did pierce them to the very soul, and did cause their hearts to burn.”  The spirit was testifying to me that this man was a Messenger for God the Father and His son Jesus Christ.

Our investigator from Korea with a Baptismal date also came. He has been struggling with specific commandments and Gospel Doctrines: Law of Chastity, the Restoration and baptisms for the dead. After teaching and counseling with him, we asked him to pray with faith to have his concerns answered at conference. Well if you were not able to watch this session I suggest you do because for this particular investigator and his missionaries this was a direct answer to our prayers. Elder Bednar (one of my Favorite apostles) stood up and spoke on the Law of Chastity. Elder Nelson spoke on the Restoration of the Gospel and touched on the importance of saving ordinances such as Baptisms for the dead. Sister Oh and I could not believe it! I turned to her and whispered, “Did Heavenly Father talk to the apostles about our investigator so they could prepare their talks?” All she replied was, “He [Jesus Christ] Lives.” I know He does. I have a testimony that Heavenly Father heard our investigators prayers and specifically answered them through the mercy of Jesus Christ and His messengers the Apostles of the true restored Church of Jesus Christ. Our investigator was shocked but pleased as well. That was on of the BIG miracles.

Another big Miracle is that Sister Oh made it through conference. We were able to work the entire time, she stretched during our meal breaks and then got up and worked. The last hour of contacting on Sunday she went in a wheel chair, but she made it through, not only just made it but as a companionship we received 83 referrals!!! I know through the power of prayer, diligence and the spirit we were able to keep on going and help feed His sheep. I know He Lives; I love Him and am thankful for the blessings he pours out on me daily.

 After Conference we gathered in the Tabernacle for the “High Five” meeting. This is were we total the number of referrals received and celebrate as a mission with gelato! I love my mission. The next day we were permitted to sleep until 830 am. It was much needed. I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a semi truck. My feet, face (from smiling), and back were sore. I can only imagine how sister Oh was feeling; I know truly it was the power of God that kept her going. At 6pm we gathered again as a mission and celebrated with Mexican food! After we were surprised by President Gillette with a special Music Concert by John Shmidt! (from the group ‘Piano Guys’, He wrote Waterfalls, plays in the Bible story videos, they have a YouTube channel check it out He is an amazing pianist!) Not only was he entertaining, but talented and spiritually uplifted us. He told us of how his wife and he decided to peruse music as a career. He was nervous to follow his passion for music, because he also had a passion for providing for his family lol. But him and his wife prayerfully sought Heavenly Fathers guidance. They promised to follow God’s will, and if they did they prayed He would provide. They both received the answer it was through music they would provide. Faithfully they perused music and have been blessed immensely. Their family is safe, fed and they are able to spiritually uplift others. His wife bore testimony and encouraged us not to worry. She served a mission and often the weight of worry was heavy. She told us that if we trust in the Lord He will take care of those things and there is no point on thinking about it.

This reminded me of my personal promise to Heavenly Father while serving in Lethbridge. I simply promised to follow His will, in return I asked Him to remind me of this promise, so I would never forget or turn away. This is one of those moments He has reminded me. Every time I start to forget He lovingly takes my hand and leads me to the path best for me. 

PS Conference was the 2nd most exhausting event of my life (1st was my marathon!)

PSS I met L tom Perry and 2 seventies

PSSS The church is True

With love from Temple Square, Sister Nelson