Monday, 25 February 2013

Got My Visa

I have 15 mins to type so keep that in mind!

I got my Visa I am sooooo Sad! I know im surprised too but I love it here! I fly out on Tuesday around 2pm i think, Mom and Dad I hope u know you are part of those arrangements to get me to the airport, call the Calgary mission office for details! 

Aden GOT BAPTISED ???? I am so proud of you Aiden! I love you so much even though you won't give me hugs :)

I had the BEST DAY of my life last Wednesday. Me and my comps decided to fast on Wednesday for this 21 day challenge thing, and to be 100% obedient! We got pretty close and the blessings poured out. We like to describe it like a meal. For our appetizer we got to teach a wonderful (previously less active) lady, she is so sassy and funny. Than we had the main course which was finding a new investigator. She is going through a huge life changing experience while being a new Mom, she is so strong, while taking the discussions from us! Than for desert we were chasing down a less active member to say hello to, while she was running away from us we saw sara (not her real name)!Ssara is a girl Sister Johnson approached on the street with a card. She looked terrified and tried quickly to get away. Sister Johnson bless her heart has kept this girl in her heart and prayers for a week, so it was a true miracle we saw her again! When we approached Sara she was sitting on a park bench, although it looked as if she would try to make a get away again, she eventually warmed up to us and agreed to have us come teach her!!!!! Lesson: obedience brings blessings people!

These past few days have also been a spiritual feast. We taught Sara and the other gator, they were very open receptive and the Holy Ghost was there testifying to all of us of the truthfulness of Jesus Christ's Gospel. I want to say more but I'm out of time!

Please PLEASE me while in the MTC its free and i can get mail everyday!

Also read 2Nephi 33:11 its powerful stuff

I gotta go Stalk & knock! Love you all CTR!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

I love It and NEVER want to leave!

 This week has been amazing! WE had an epic Starwars battle, where the dark side one. I sadly had to see adios to great Elders and Sisters (Grbin, Fitimont, & Thorpe) but It is fabuloso to have a brand new Sister from the MTC Sis. Johnson! she is perfect! We have butt loads of fun and she is so driven to do the good work.

Our goal is to find new investigators, so far we have had success in locating 2 overlooked less active members just from tracting and we taught that same sister who we gave a church tour to and SHE CAME TO CHURCH the next day. It was incredible too because during our lesson we taught her how to pray (through Jesus Christ, to Heavenly Father), she has prayed many times before, but when she did this way, kneeling she felt different. I was surprised when I saw tears on her face. She said that she has felt that feeling before. She was feeling the Holy Spirit but wasn't able to recognize it. I have found this often, many people feel the Holy Ghost but do not recognize it, it can prompt us in several different ways through: discernment, peace, comfort, conscience, burning, swelling and many other ways. It is our jobs as saints to help people recognize it. Notice How I did not say as Missionaries, because we as saints of Christ are all missionaries. We promise when we are baptized by the proper authority to take his name upon us at all times and all places. On a mission or not you are a missionary, so here it comes lol I challenge anyone reading this with a testimony of Jesus Christ and the Restoration of his gospel to testify in some way of him this week. Either it an act of kindness, en example, or through a simple testimony, go and do and I promise the Lord will provide a way.

I also have been loving the area more and more not only because of my companions, or the people I serve (Sis. Baker in the Old folks home, which btw is my favorite day of the week, its like my Saturday night lol) it is because I decided to coveted to my Father in Heaven to completely turn my will to his. I know he will help me because I prayed he would and he has. I love life here and I'm content with staying put for as long as he sees fit.

CTR Brother and sister friends!
-Sister Nelson

Ton of FUN in Waterton!

HALA hala! Hows it?

 Last p-day we went to wonderful Waterton and took pictures, played in the snow, looked at mountains and snow shoe'd it up! It was a blast! A member/sisterfriend Lindsay we live with took us and the other sister companionship in our zone. 

This week we had meetings, meetings and more meeting. Including District, where we made crepes for the Elders, we met with steak president, Zone meetings, and a meeting right in my vary own home town, CALGARY! haha I was in Calgary on Saturday! crazy I know, it was bittersweet. I got to see all my fave Sisterfriends: England, Simpson and Mozzalini! After we went to Peters for shakes and burgs. I was thinking of all my friends ( Holly Dolly Sarah mullet, LG, Lauren Mark, Bamber Lolah and many more, PS thanks Lo for the Letter, and others write me too! its really NICE to get them! I like pics so I can show how pretty my friends and family are as we drove back to Lethbridge and I could see my home town gradually fade way. 

We have been doing so much service work, it is one of my favorite parts of the mission. The most fun I have had since I moved here has been visiting at the old folks home! hey don't hate on it until you try it, ok? We got to visit with a 93 year old woman from Holland (that's right KT shes sooo Dutch!) she was so cute, sassy and asked me to brush and braid her very white hair. Than she had us sing for her, she tried to sing along but didn't know the words. SO precious. Than another day we visited with a Sister from the ward who is struggling with loosing her memory. Fern is her name and she is my mission grandma. Mostly because shes sassy and cute which reminds me of my grandma! Fern loves cookies so she agreed to make them with us to give to investigators and less active members. It was a blast! she has a funny accent because shes from a place i cant remember lol  but she sounds like the mom from Hairspray. 

My companionship has been working through the difficulties of having 3 very different opinions. We are doing vary well though with the help of the Holy Ghost. Every time we cant decide what an investigator needs to hear we pray about it and all receive the same feeling. It was a faith building experience when we put this to action and it helped a struggling sister. The lesson was specifically what she needed to hear and in the way she needed it. The holy ghost can direct us in our lives if we do the work and pray for specific answers.

We had an OUTRAGEOUS experience the other day!!! We were doing a routine "stop by" when we were welcomed into Gabriel's house. Gabriel and his large family are from Uganda and very religious. We attempted to teach for  almost 2 hours, while he tried to Bible bashed. The best part though was the end when we explained we like to end meeting with a prayer. He excitedly volunteered. As my comps and I folded our arms and bowed our heads he stood up and began to pray with vigor. Arms flailing he exclaimed things like "praise Jesus!" and "Save us from the Devil!" Between each break his family would shout, "amen!" and "yeah!". I wanted so badly to join in but I felt it would be inappropriate lol. I'm so happy I have a "real missionary" story!

The other day I memorized Joseph Smiths 1st vision. What a blessing! I know my Father in Heaven helped me, because like Fern my memory is not the best. The best part though was kneeling to pray to thank my father and reciting it to him. The feeling of what I was saying was true filled my heart. The Holy ghost testified to me that Joseph Smith was a prophet, he saw God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. I know my Father loves and helps me with my weaknesses daily. He is just like my Father on earth and Loves me infinitely. The neatest thing is yesterday we held a church tour for an investigator and I was able to bear witness of these truths, accompanied with a scripture. I extended a invitation of baptism to her and told her the 1st step is to come to church on Sunday. I hope she does, I'm prying for her!

I love you all and miss you! I have to go now to battle the Light side! (We are having a zone STAR WARS battle today. I'm on the Dark side! fill u in more next week with pictures.)

P.S. when I enter the MTC this will be my address:

Sister Vickie Nelson
MTC Mailbox # 334
UT-TMSQ 0213
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

Peace and Blessings, Peace and Blessings brother and sister friends! 

Sister Nelson