Saturday, 20 July 2013

July 19th, 2013


Craziness this week happened! Sister Weng and I were both running low on missionary funds and somehow the lord provided us with 4 free meal! yum free food my fave! One however was the strangest food i have ever eaten. I ate wait for it.....Cow stomach, Asian foods and the best part CHICKEN FEET! Yummmm all which was pretty good in taste texture however was...uh different. This special meal was provided by sister Weng's sister who attends BYU business Collage. I have to admit l liked the cow stomach.

We were able to have many Mandarin Motor Coach Miracles in the past several days! and small group mandarin tour miracles! One, "Jin" is progressing with her local missionaries. She is so cool, we like the same music she is currently living in the west coast from originally China working for IT with Nike.  I should remember more but my brain is a little tired :)

So this morning during exercise  me and Sister Hitchrich (my fellow Canadian sister Friend) were guessing our transfer predictions. She new she was going outbound, so I guessed she would go West coast or Idaho lol. Than to get back at me she said your going to train and be a district leader at the same time. I thought well that wouldn't be sooo  bad. I said: "the thing that would really suck for me would be to get like office assistant or something, they never get to teach or even see day light." We laughed it off and got ready for early morning transfer conference. The time came for the Zone leaders to announce my new companion, zone, and assignment. Every day I am learning that Heavenly Father has a very good sense of Humor because they put THE BIGGEST shmag as the new office assistant. :/ I don't even know what this means! All I have seen is the OA's always in the office on computers.

To be honest I'm exited to go and do what the lord has commanded. But I am determined to teach on the square, take large group tours/investigator lessons and teach my own investigators. This is the best part, I asked one of the previous OA's what they did. She said they run a large part of the logistics of temple square, so everything can run smoothly for the mission. Pftt! I know this calling is to help me learn to be more organized, orderly and teach me to work well under stress. I look forward to learning to balance it all with the help of the Savior. 

Today we hosted a youth conference and took a great large group mandarin tour with 11 year old class of Kids and their parents learning English from Bejii! The youth conference was one of the best we have done. It was fun, and spiritually violent! As we sang the opening hymn I looked around at the 160 something youth and almost started to tear up (I can't cry in front of them, it makes it awkward for them lol). I will miss this calling sooo much. I pray for these people always. They are me, I still feel and remember what it is like to be them (mostly because it was like a couple years ago lol). I am so grateful for the opportunity I was given to be with them for 2 whole transfers! Same thing happened with the Mandarin tour. While introducing myself in Mandarin I had to put a big cheesy smile on my face to stop from crying (I hope I didn't "smile" Smile cray). I will miss their energy of never ending "NEHOWWWS!", them sneaking next to us while we sing a hymn for them so they can be in a picture with them but mostly I will miss their eyes. The moment you know they have felt the spirit for the first time in their lives and connected it to the gospel. I will also miss Sister Weng. She is a great companion. She taught me a lot of things :) Mostly how to treat your companions and to openly resolve issues swift to the point and finish with love.
My new companions name is Sister Gerrick! I think she is either from Cali or Utah, I think Cali. She is super cute and I'm exited! Big changes here!

P.S. different zone, different pday. It's every Monday at 1-3pm that I'll be emailing! LOVE YALL

Sister Nelson

July 12th, 2013


Man this week has been full of spiritual violence. To my face. We have been praying to find people who are ready and Heavenly Father has definitely placed people in our path. He placed a cute couple in our path 2 weeks ago from Arizona. They are the miracle couple that said they wanted to become members after a tour. We have been texting them and calling here and there and our fasting was for them. We hadn't had a chance to call them for several days because of tours (Mandarin and English) and  youth conference, but we trusted in the lord. And he completely took care of them! When we called they explained how they had met with the elders twice and were set for Saturday as well as church for Sunday. I am so grateful for all the missionaries, especially these ones who brought a Spanish speaking fellowshipper for the wife and are so great! Heavenly Father is so aware of us and those who we pray for. This gives me comfort for my family and friends who I miss and want to be happily engaged with the gospel always. i know they will continue to progress. 

The other day Sister Weng and I were planning and I was so bored! I asked her if this is how she planned in Missouri, because I was just doing it how everyone else (or so i thought) did it here. Well I decided to try to fix that, I watched the Preach my gospel the section on 9pm daily planning. Wow I have been doing it all wrong. We implemented what we studied on planning and it is night and day. I have been praying and really thinking of how to  improve my work and the excitement for it. I realized that when I really ponder and discuss with Sister Weng how we can help our investigators, the people on the square we meet, Mandarin tours and youth individually and plan specifically for them I love the work. Also more is accomplished, I hope and ask heavenly father to help me to continue doing this his way. 

We picked up 2 new investigators this week! and they can actually come to the square for lessons! I cannot wait! Both are from Taiwan, and speak Mandarin and English!

Another Lesson I learned is that the spirit is a much better teacher than myself. I am trying to let it speak more and slowly but surly I hope to be able to better utilize it. I can know it is there when I am at ease, my companion is, and so is the person we are teaching.

(Galations 5:22-25 22 But the afruit of the bSpirit is clovedjoyepeaceflongsufferingggentleness, goodness, hfaith, 23 aMeekness,btemperance: against such there is no law. 24 And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the aaffections and lusts. 25 If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.)

Oh I had "hot pot" for the first time yesterday with several other sisters. I have found my absolute favorite food! It is a an Asian dish, this one in particular was Taiwanese! It is just a soup broth you bowl and had different sea foods and veggies and meats to! Oh man I could eat it every day!

Sister nelson
PS congrats Brittany on your new beautiful baby! I'm so exited and I wanna meet your baby so bad! when you able to come here!!!!! <3

Thursday, 11 July 2013

July 5th 2013

We had 4 really cool miracles on the 4th of july. 

1) We got to see Aunt Monica! so good to see family! and Zander, cousin Jordan's baby is soo cute! 

2) We took an unexpected mandarin tour and at the end it seemed like no good had come of it but as everyone left one man stayed behind. He had asked at the temple model the church's view on divorce. He said he wanted to learn more and filled out a referral card. Than sister weng being so smart simply said "there's a lot to learn, what would you like to know more about?" He opened up like I have never seen anyone do who is from China (they are usually very reserved with personal matters, they don't hug each other, say I love you ect.). He explained how he was looking for peace from his divorce 2 years ago. His marriage ended very badly. We stayed with him for another hour at the Christus and taught him the restoration with the plan of salvation. We left him with a book of Mormon and a prayer. He actually said the prayer. It was beautiful and simple but he prayed that this would be the beginning of the right things to learn. He left differently than he came. I will never forget as he left he kept on looking back smiling and waving. 

3) Another unexpected tour instead of eating dinner. This family was so fun and cute. If I had an Asian family they would be it (asians always have american families that adopt them when they move here for school lol) They were just so funny. At the temple model the little girl asked "why do you have cows in our temple and not sheep?" the dad said they were there so everyone in the temple could drink milk :) as we went through though the father was asking sincere questions. He explained to me that they were heading home from there travels when the main highway they planned on using was closed down. To find a different way he looked for a building for help. He came to a church (our church) and knocked on the door, finally a service missionary answered it, helped him find a different way that actually went through SLC. He suggested the family went to temple square and gave him a Book of Mormon. Being mandarin he can't read English as well as he can speak it. He asked us for a mandarin copy. We agreed and I told him another really good resource to learn was from the missionaries where he lived. He agreed to that. Than we were all sitting by the reflective pool after taking pictures. The kids were splashing in the pool and the Dad was sitting looking up at the temple. He asked me about angel Moroni and after answering he took a long look at the temple. I could see the spirit working in him so I just looked at it as well. After several pauses I asked him if he had any more questions. Nodding he asked me, "what is the difference between non believers and believers" after a minute of trying to better understand his question he rephrased it and asked, "how does one start to become a member?" At this point the spirit is very strong and helped me answer him perfectly for his understanding. I simply said the missionaries teach you how to develop faith in Jesus Christ, you change past mistakes and than you are baptized" It was so funny because at first he was like "Baptist?! isnt that only for one religion?" hahaha than I explained that we follow Christs example to wash away our past and start new with the proper authority the church has. He was so kind, goofy and sincere. I feel as though I met friends I always knew.

 4) A Large group mandarin tour showed up 40 mins late, so it took our dinner slot. I was so furious because the guide that was scheduling had lied about when they would get there  becuase he was running late and if it is that late they either get missed or have to reschedule because of how tight booking is. So we started this tour and I just saw all these people were hot, half would wonder off not even listening to take pictures and many were dazing off. We got to the temple view and Sister briggs started talking baout the temple and our beilifs about eternal marriage/families. I have heard over adn over adn testified over a hundred times of how I know famlies can be together for ever through the temple but this was different. The spirit pricked my heart at how important and true this was. I looked around the group and saw many children bugging there tired/hot parents and it Hit me. They have no idea. Before coming here and hearing four 20something year old sister missionaries tell them. They need this and in heaven they will remember perfectly what they w
ere taught that one hot day in july when they visited utah. I looked at a little boy and girl and thought of my nieces and nephews. Than Sister Weng pasted me the microphone to testify of how the temple has blessed my family. I testified how my niece Mayley just learned how to say "I love you" not too long ago and how I know she will get to tell me that forever. Than I passed the mic back. I know this work is worth every moment. I miss my family but I will be with them forever. 100% guaranteed. So I'm more than ok with being here. I thank Heavenly Father everyday for letting me represent His Son and church.


pic with lead actor from the film "Ephriam's Rescue"