Monday, 16 December 2013

Felis Navidad!


Here are a bunch of random questions family/ friends have asked so here are the answers!

Are you a missionary that like walks around talking to people now?
Ya i am one of those missionaries now that walk around! Its pretty cool you meet all kinds of people and get to go to chruch with familis adn little nuggets (kids). I found this part the other day and it is full of sweet videos about christmas and jesus christ. I really liked the video called emanuel or soemthing, it really helped me feel the spirit.

And where in wisconsin did you get sent?
Brookfield, it is a city just 15 mins from Milwaukee and kind of a ritzy area. People have really big homes with huge lawns and drive ways which doesn't make any sense with the amount of shoveling they have to do with all the snow but different strokes for diffferent folks! There are also alot of trees! like leafy ones so they look really cool with all the snow it is beautiful.
How is your mission so far?
To answer your question my mission is THE BEST! sometimes I get sad but when I have happy moments, like when I'm bearing my testimony, reading the scriptures and something finally makes sense, praying and I feel Heavenly Fathers love for me or I am laughing with my companions so hard I get a stomach work out. Its the best! So I am so happy that I remembered you told me you wanted to serve a mission. Is that still true?:)

 Just today as I did both of those things I came to understand why god allowed Apostasy (when people reject prophets and God) and dispensations (when a prophet is accepted and the people faithfully fallow). I came to know that God loves us enough to let us choose, more so he is loving enough to give us guidence back into our lives. In these days (the last dispensation) we have the fullness of the gospel (temples, the Book of mormon and a prophet today to guide us). I just felt very loved. What clarified it for me was the Bible dictionary oddly enough.

"A dispensation of the gospel is a period of time in which the Lord has at least one authorized servant on the earth who bears the holy priesthood and the keys, and who has a divine commission to dispense the gospel to the inhabitants of the earth. When this occurs, the gospel is revealed anew so that people of that dispensation do not have to depend basically on past dispensations for knowledge of the plan of salvation. There have been many gospel dispensations since the beginning. The Bible suggests at least one dispensation identified with Adam, another with Enoch, another with Noah, and so on with Abraham, Moses, and Jesus with His Apostles in the meridian of time. Paul writes of "the dispensation of the fulness of times...The fulness of times is the final dispensation and began with the revelation of the gospel to Joseph Smith. It is a glorious time, the time in which we live today...Although the Bible contains historical information pertaining to the ancient prophets and patriarchs, it is latter-day revelation that makes it clear that the leaders of former dispensations had the gospel of Jesus Christ and that certifies to the divine calling, ordination, and high intelligence of those early brethren."

The thing that helped me understand was that even before I knew all about these things I knew in my heart and leaned upon my faith. Now that I know them I still must lean upon my faith. It remindes me of a talk by Elder Holland a 12 apostle who said: "...remember, in this world, everyone is to walk by faith." ("Lord I Believe"April 2013 general Conference). In order to gain this faith I must read and pray. This is the same for you. I testify to you, as you do these simple things that can take 10min only per day, you will gain this testimony and feel His love as well.


Winter Wonder Wisconsin Land!

Hi there!

Life is good here! IT IS FREEZING! I mean we know cold but this is entirely different! When you look out the windows and it looks like a sunshiny day you need to bundle up because you get outside and it is unbearable! When there is snow you know it will be warmer. It is so weird here! But no worries I am smart I wear 3 pares of socks, a warm scarf, 2 undershirts, a sweater, my big parka jacket, gloves inside mittens and "hot paw" warmers in my boots! I am set :) nothing can make the warmth of the spirit leave me!
The Jones's are the couple we live with, they really are my mission mom and dad, they take care of us and even took us tree shopping and let us decorate it with them! I loved it!

We met two incredible people this week. One was while we were "mall contacting" his name was Tom. At first it didn't seem like he would even listen but as we talked with him, his heart poured out. He has been receiving treatment for cancer for the past several months and he didn't know how much time he had. We taught him briefly the Plan of Salvation and left with a prayer to bless him and give him peace. My heart goes out for tom. We have not been able to reach him yet but I know that was an answer to our and his prayers. Another was Susan a woman we ran into at the library. She ended up pouring out her heart as well. Her grandson only 2 years old just passed and although she was very religious she was not sure what happened
 to him. We were able to bear witness again of the fathers plan for us and leave her with a prayer and pamphlet of the plan before she had to rush away. I love the people here so much. I want them to find this peace.

I love you all I gotta go! We are having a second discussion with our investigator at the church for a church tour tonight where we will invite her to be baptized! I'm so excited!

Sister Nelson,

PS here is my new address

7111 W Edgerton Ave. Ste 100
Greenfield WI 53220
(if you send packages they must be priority or first class)

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


It feels so right being here! I love it hear I feel right at home with the ward! My flight left SLC at 830am. I flew to Georgia atlanta than to Milwakee. In georgia I asked if there was a smoothie shop to a lady. Her ascent was so thick and her drawl so crazy I said "okay thank you very much!" and walked in the general direction she pointed in I had no clue what she actually said! hahha It felt so weird be on my own while traveling. It was such a relief so be greated by President Cutler and Sister Cutler at eh airport. They took me to the mission office there where I did some driving tests and got approved! Than they took me to there house where I was interviewed and had dinner wither their family. They are so nice and young! They still have a 15 year old daughter at home. They moved from SLC to Wisconsin in July to serve this past summer. Than they took me to meet my new companions! I am loving my two comps Sister Reed (she is a hippie and I love her, and she loves essential oils). She is also the very kind and considerate of others needs at all times. I have no clue how she does it so much and all the time. And sister Brewster (who is the sassiest shortest diva in the funniest way possible who loves food I call her a Buffalo nugget cuz she is bite size and spicy!) She is so short like 4.11" I swear she reminds me of the dwarf character on the Chronicles of Narnia hahahahha. She also connects with people and our ward very well.  The first full day I got there was Thanksgiving! We had four meal appointments! (don't worry Aaron I refused to eat deserts or stuffing and paced myself so I didn't get a stomach ache!). It was great to meet the ward members some investigators and recent converts. THe  people have funny accents but they tease me like im suppost to have an accent its so funny. The work is slow becasue we are in a ritzy and highly catholic / lutherin nabourhood but its good. We have a new finding stratigie (? I can't spell) that is using a youth talk given to us by our mission president by Diane Holster. She talks about 2 different types of conversion that everyone needs to be sucessfully and continually converted. 1. Social 2. Spirtual. It helps teach how members can do the social and missionaries the spiritual. It is really good, her parents did it with their kids because they were promised in blessings that if they had their whole family work together in missionary work they would never fall away. Since than her family has had over 50 missionary discussions in their home and 30 baptisms. WOW. It is all through simple means as well. I will send a CD home with the notes sheet. Its great too because she is from Wisconsin and has a funny accent! I love you all But got to run! BYE LOVE YOU!
Sister Nelson