Tuesday, 3 December 2013


It feels so right being here! I love it hear I feel right at home with the ward! My flight left SLC at 830am. I flew to Georgia atlanta than to Milwakee. In georgia I asked if there was a smoothie shop to a lady. Her ascent was so thick and her drawl so crazy I said "okay thank you very much!" and walked in the general direction she pointed in I had no clue what she actually said! hahha It felt so weird be on my own while traveling. It was such a relief so be greated by President Cutler and Sister Cutler at eh airport. They took me to the mission office there where I did some driving tests and got approved! Than they took me to there house where I was interviewed and had dinner wither their family. They are so nice and young! They still have a 15 year old daughter at home. They moved from SLC to Wisconsin in July to serve this past summer. Than they took me to meet my new companions! I am loving my two comps Sister Reed (she is a hippie and I love her, and she loves essential oils). She is also the very kind and considerate of others needs at all times. I have no clue how she does it so much and all the time. And sister Brewster (who is the sassiest shortest diva in the funniest way possible who loves food I call her a Buffalo nugget cuz she is bite size and spicy!) She is so short like 4.11" I swear she reminds me of the dwarf character on the Chronicles of Narnia hahahahha. She also connects with people and our ward very well.  The first full day I got there was Thanksgiving! We had four meal appointments! (don't worry Aaron I refused to eat deserts or stuffing and paced myself so I didn't get a stomach ache!). It was great to meet the ward members some investigators and recent converts. THe  people have funny accents but they tease me like im suppost to have an accent its so funny. The work is slow becasue we are in a ritzy and highly catholic / lutherin nabourhood but its good. We have a new finding stratigie (? I can't spell) that is using a youth talk given to us by our mission president by Diane Holster. She talks about 2 different types of conversion that everyone needs to be sucessfully and continually converted. 1. Social 2. Spirtual. It helps teach how members can do the social and missionaries the spiritual. It is really good, her parents did it with their kids because they were promised in blessings that if they had their whole family work together in missionary work they would never fall away. Since than her family has had over 50 missionary discussions in their home and 30 baptisms. WOW. It is all through simple means as well. I will send a CD home with the notes sheet. Its great too because she is from Wisconsin and has a funny accent! I love you all But got to run! BYE LOVE YOU!
Sister Nelson

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