Monday, 16 December 2013

Winter Wonder Wisconsin Land!

Hi there!

Life is good here! IT IS FREEZING! I mean we know cold but this is entirely different! When you look out the windows and it looks like a sunshiny day you need to bundle up because you get outside and it is unbearable! When there is snow you know it will be warmer. It is so weird here! But no worries I am smart I wear 3 pares of socks, a warm scarf, 2 undershirts, a sweater, my big parka jacket, gloves inside mittens and "hot paw" warmers in my boots! I am set :) nothing can make the warmth of the spirit leave me!
The Jones's are the couple we live with, they really are my mission mom and dad, they take care of us and even took us tree shopping and let us decorate it with them! I loved it!

We met two incredible people this week. One was while we were "mall contacting" his name was Tom. At first it didn't seem like he would even listen but as we talked with him, his heart poured out. He has been receiving treatment for cancer for the past several months and he didn't know how much time he had. We taught him briefly the Plan of Salvation and left with a prayer to bless him and give him peace. My heart goes out for tom. We have not been able to reach him yet but I know that was an answer to our and his prayers. Another was Susan a woman we ran into at the library. She ended up pouring out her heart as well. Her grandson only 2 years old just passed and although she was very religious she was not sure what happened
 to him. We were able to bear witness again of the fathers plan for us and leave her with a prayer and pamphlet of the plan before she had to rush away. I love the people here so much. I want them to find this peace.

I love you all I gotta go! We are having a second discussion with our investigator at the church for a church tour tonight where we will invite her to be baptized! I'm so excited!

Sister Nelson,

PS here is my new address

7111 W Edgerton Ave. Ste 100
Greenfield WI 53220
(if you send packages they must be priority or first class)

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