Monday, 21 January 2013

Wind & Walmarts...thats right I'm in LETHBRIDGE!

Hola Fam Jam & friends!

On Thursday 17, Pres. & Sister Nicholas shipped me off to Lethbridge AB to start my first transfer! The very place I thought I had said adios to for 18 months I am serving in until Feb 27 (my new MTC report date, if i receive my visa, so keep me in your prayers). I am serving with 2 Sister friends, Sis. Thorpe and Sis. Nielson. They are fabulous people with fabulous testimonys! We are living with a member and her granddaughter, they are such kind and giving people. The moment we got my bags inside we left to start the good work. So for the past couple of days we have been doing "stop bys", teaching appointments, meetings and dinner appointments. Our area covers 3 wards Forestry, Fairmont and Lakeview (its a YSA ward). I have seen a few people I know but mostly I have met people from all sorts of places, we are currently working with a family from Sudan. I thought I would run into more people I would know but you know Lethbridge folk don't cross over the coulees, that WAY to far away LOL. 

One less active family we are working with has a son who has difficulties reading.  Sis. Nielson, who is a teacher, has offered to help tutor him once a week. He's 8 years old, can't focus and hates reading. As Sis. Thorpe and I visited with the family I was able to notice something as I watched this little boy struggle to sound out each word. He would figit, easily be distracted, become frustrated and want to give up, until Sis. Nielson got him back on track. I was overwhelmed with compassion for this little boy when I realized that was me 13 years ago! I was so humbled and thankful for that experience. Here's an excerpt from my journal that day: 

How blessed am I, that like this boy I had people who cared enough about me to spend countless hours with me. Heavenly Father does send angels to us, and because of them I graduated High School (with honors in English), attended University and am now serving a mission where I get to teach others of Gods words. The angel for this boy it was a Sister missionary, for myself it was Mrs. Nikatzu (5th & 6th grade teacher), my family but most of all my mother. I still remember to this day why an "e" looks like an eel so that's why it makes the "eeeeeeeeeee" sound. I love my mom so much.

On Friday night we made Tubby Dog style wienies for dinner because a dinner appointment fell through! Hot dogs with PB & J and cinnamon corn pops! Yummm...nom nom! Delishhh, hey don't hate on it until you try it! On Saturday there was a baptism we brought an investigator to, he really liked it. The sisters having been working with him since September and the progress is slow but that's ok, in Gods own time! Also I do not have mom, dads, or any of the siblings emails other than Aaron, Lindsay, and Shawn so please tell email me 1st so I have them. :)

Peace and blessings, peace and blessings! CTR brother and Sista friends!

<3 Sister Nelson

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