Tuesday, 12 February 2013

I love It and NEVER want to leave!

 This week has been amazing! WE had an epic Starwars battle, where the dark side one. I sadly had to see adios to great Elders and Sisters (Grbin, Fitimont, & Thorpe) but It is fabuloso to have a brand new Sister from the MTC Sis. Johnson! she is perfect! We have butt loads of fun and she is so driven to do the good work.

Our goal is to find new investigators, so far we have had success in locating 2 overlooked less active members just from tracting and we taught that same sister who we gave a church tour to and SHE CAME TO CHURCH the next day. It was incredible too because during our lesson we taught her how to pray (through Jesus Christ, to Heavenly Father), she has prayed many times before, but when she did this way, kneeling she felt different. I was surprised when I saw tears on her face. She said that she has felt that feeling before. She was feeling the Holy Spirit but wasn't able to recognize it. I have found this often, many people feel the Holy Ghost but do not recognize it, it can prompt us in several different ways through: discernment, peace, comfort, conscience, burning, swelling and many other ways. It is our jobs as saints to help people recognize it. Notice How I did not say as Missionaries, because we as saints of Christ are all missionaries. We promise when we are baptized by the proper authority to take his name upon us at all times and all places. On a mission or not you are a missionary, so here it comes lol I challenge anyone reading this with a testimony of Jesus Christ and the Restoration of his gospel to testify in some way of him this week. Either it an act of kindness, en example, or through a simple testimony, go and do and I promise the Lord will provide a way.

I also have been loving the area more and more not only because of my companions, or the people I serve (Sis. Baker in the Old folks home, which btw is my favorite day of the week, its like my Saturday night lol) it is because I decided to coveted to my Father in Heaven to completely turn my will to his. I know he will help me because I prayed he would and he has. I love life here and I'm content with staying put for as long as he sees fit.

CTR Brother and sister friends!
-Sister Nelson

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