Monday, 25 February 2013

Got My Visa

I have 15 mins to type so keep that in mind!

I got my Visa I am sooooo Sad! I know im surprised too but I love it here! I fly out on Tuesday around 2pm i think, Mom and Dad I hope u know you are part of those arrangements to get me to the airport, call the Calgary mission office for details! 

Aden GOT BAPTISED ???? I am so proud of you Aiden! I love you so much even though you won't give me hugs :)

I had the BEST DAY of my life last Wednesday. Me and my comps decided to fast on Wednesday for this 21 day challenge thing, and to be 100% obedient! We got pretty close and the blessings poured out. We like to describe it like a meal. For our appetizer we got to teach a wonderful (previously less active) lady, she is so sassy and funny. Than we had the main course which was finding a new investigator. She is going through a huge life changing experience while being a new Mom, she is so strong, while taking the discussions from us! Than for desert we were chasing down a less active member to say hello to, while she was running away from us we saw sara (not her real name)!Ssara is a girl Sister Johnson approached on the street with a card. She looked terrified and tried quickly to get away. Sister Johnson bless her heart has kept this girl in her heart and prayers for a week, so it was a true miracle we saw her again! When we approached Sara she was sitting on a park bench, although it looked as if she would try to make a get away again, she eventually warmed up to us and agreed to have us come teach her!!!!! Lesson: obedience brings blessings people!

These past few days have also been a spiritual feast. We taught Sara and the other gator, they were very open receptive and the Holy Ghost was there testifying to all of us of the truthfulness of Jesus Christ's Gospel. I want to say more but I'm out of time!

Please PLEASE me while in the MTC its free and i can get mail everyday!

Also read 2Nephi 33:11 its powerful stuff

I gotta go Stalk & knock! Love you all CTR!

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