Wednesday, 19 June 2013

June 14th, 2013

(pic with John Bytheway)

Ya so Sister Nakaima and I are the first sisters in the history of T2 to train sisters who are already serving regular proselyting missions (well at least I think we are the first, I'm just going to go with it because it sounds better ). They come this weekend and we will train them how to serve at T2!! cool eh? :) the square is really low on Mandarin speaking sisters so the mission presidency requested a recruitment of them for the summer! They are both from Taiwan and serving currently in Boise Idaho and Independence Missouri. We moved into a cute little house close to the regular apartments to accommodate more sisters. Cute place doesn't have much (like a shower curtain or rod) but it is ours and so precious! I love it. Sister Nugget and I met the whole primary general authority! They dropped off presents for the mission! It was so cool I'll probs have a pic soon! They are all so polished, purdy and personable.  

Spiritual nugget: Have you ever thought "man i shouldn't be here right now?" that is the spirit warning us, even on missions we can feel this if we aren't 100% obedient or in an unsafe situation. I thought back to some times in my life when I thought that and when ever I followed it's council it was for my good. Now take a mental picture of where you are now. I hope you think: "Man I should be here, this is a good place" (paraphrased from the mt of transfiguration with peter James, john and Christ.) A new friend of mine spoke about this scripture and it hit me how far my testimony has come from where I was. Also the people I have taught. Its all because of heavenly Fathers Council given through the spirit and us doing something about it.

OH OH OH cool story: for a our transfer conference we got to watch Ephram's Rescue! By T.C. Christenson. It was a special preview screening, its not out yet! It was sooo cool, funny, exciting and portrays the Martin handcart company well. It made me appreciate basic necessity and the freedom to believe in Christ.

Smiling all the timmmmee :)))))) (double chin smiles) 

Sister Shmaggity

P.s. I love pickles
PSS Sister Nakaima says dangit like "dang- Git!" hahah silly okinawin and I said "Zed" instead of Zee in front of 150 very confused teenagers this week hahhahahaha Sister Nakaima re-assured them we would study English that night lol

my life will be sooooo Asian for the next transfer

my pday is still on Friday this transfer (just so you know when to email me...*wink wink nudge nudge*)

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