Tuesday, 4 June 2013

May 24th 2013

The theme Sister  Naka Nugget and I picked for this week is "WORK WORK WORK" and "We would love to take It! (tours)" We are so excited and have been having so much fun and receiving blessings from sacrificing meal time and study time to serve and teach people. It is the best!
We also met T.C. Christiansen at a youth conference we co-ordinated (he is the film maker of 17 Miracles  Work and the Glory, Joseph Smith: The Restoration...and so on) He is so funny and, smart and Christ Centered in his life and work.

I have been working on my 
modeling for the future general 
conference paparazzi! (joking,
 just messing around during a
 lunch break!)

We had the privilege of going to Sister Monson's Funeral. It was beautiful, sad but mostly happy in rejoicing her life and quiet service/accomplishments. I want to be a woman like her some day.
We had an enrichment night activity for relief society with some zones and learned Tihishen dancing, jive and latino dancing! it was a mucho fun fiesta!
My favorite quote this week is, "Having put our hand to the plow, we will never look back!" -President Holland. I am happily moving forward in God's work!
Love sister Nelson

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