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A Marvelous Work and a Chaos!

pic: Ensign Peak 
A Marvelous Work and a Chaos!

This week was intense. So many things happened, I loved it! I will break it down by each day:

2nd All day P-day!! We did everything from hiking in Mill creek canyon, so tie dying for zone activity! Tiring but worth the memories.

Early in the morning Elder Jeffery R. Holland spoke to our mission! I've known for several weeks now from staff meetings but it was so fun to see all the sisters so shocked and excited. Elder Holland is an amazing apostle. The spirit was intensified when he entered the room. I will never forget the way he started his address to us. He started by saying how much he loved and cares for us, you could tell how he said it that he really did. He continued on to talk about our calling as missionaries, how it is similar to the commission the Lord gave his apostles just before he ascended back to heaven. The importance of our calling is that of the last words he spoke to His apostles. Every prophet and apostles commission has been the same since than and before than.

                                                                                                                     pic: Elder Holland
 "Isiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Alma, Amulek, peter, James, and John all knew they would not succeed in their time. They kept on going because they saw you. Your hour, your day, and your face is what kept them going. Ours is the dispensation that will succeed. It is your day. Your mission. Ours is the day that every Prophet, Priest and King would dream of. You are shoulder to shoulder with us. You have been sent with a message."  
He went on to encourage us to to not miss a minute of it. "It will never come again (He said with emotion in his voice). I have thought about my mission everyday for 50 years. You are never supposed to be the same." You are guaranteed one devoted convert, and that is you. You are God's investigator. You want your investigator(or kid or friend or family member) to read the Book of Mormon, well He wants you to read the Book of Mormon. You want your Investigator to repent to relieve burdens of guilt and sorrow, He wants you to repent to relieve burdens of guilt and sorrow.Change what ever you must change, walk away from who ever you must. You think you are going back to real life? This is 'Real Life' you are on a mission for the rest of you life. God wants you to come and stay. You do all you can. Pledge this day and everyday to commit to that."

                                     pic: Christ teaching Peter how to love him and Heavenly Father

As I type his words I am filled with that spirit he came with. I know that God has called prophets and apostles in these days to lead us in His great work to bring all to His happiness. I hope these words also inspire or lift any others who read them. I know they made me turn to action in these last few days I get in this transfer.

The dreaded day of doing mission numbers. The only reason I dread it is because I feel like a mom (no offense mom haha). I have to nag everyone to hand them in who is late and correct people when they don't do it right. Yuck I don't enjoy that part. It especially was frustrating this week because several days prior to the deadline I reminded the sisters through: email, texts, face to face and typed out and printed inserts for their planners as reminders of the specific guidelines in how to successfully hand in their numbers on time. Some still forgot or didn't even use the resources I gave them. Sisters always come into our office asking for help with this and that and we happily help them. With out a doubt they always leave saying "your the best we love you! Is there anything we can do for you?" This is where I want to kick and scream and say "YES just do what I have asked you to." This is when my spiritual ears perked up and made the connection. Heavenly Father must feel similar to us (although He is perfect with much more patience and love then I have, I'm still a long shot from that kind of charity and patience). He gives us everything we need to be successful in this life, and is always there for us when we need His assistance. I can recall many occurrences where I have been in need and prayed, received an answer or comfort and than carried on my marry way with a "thank you so much! is there anything I can do for you?". The words I felt repeat in my mind, "Yes, just do what I have asked you to." Heavenly Father has given me very specific commandments to help me be successful and happy and all I need to do it heed to his reminders: the Holy ghost's promptings, the scriptures, the prophets, my mission president, companion, the white handbook and so on. He loves us so much and just wants us to be happy. We must do our part. 

While I was fixing the mission finding source chart, Sister Garrick turned to me and said, "Can you smell that?" and I said, "Oh my gosh couldn't you have gone out of the room!" than she said "No, no Sister nelson it smells like BBQ propane!" Sister Garrik's sense of smell is strangely so powerful but than I smelt it as well. Soon all of us were popping our heads out of our office's like gophers. Soon enough the fire alarms went off. We were all evacuated to across the street and were checked by paramedics and firemen. We were all fine, I wasnt effected other than a small head ache that could have been from the fumes or the alarm, and Sister Garrick's eyes were watering a bit. On the mission blog ( ) there are pictures and another link to a local news broadcast (which hams it up a bit, it wasn't bad at all I promise, don't worry). It turns out is was a Chlorine Cloud evacuation. We were medicated with Chick-fil-A so we were well taken care of :)

it was a very officey day. We almost didn't see sunlight. The best part of it though was the miracle Heavenly Father sent us. Her name is Rachel. Rachel came on chat 30 minutes before we had to go home at the end of the night. She asked us some questions about attending church (what to where, which chapel to go to, would people notice her or could she blend in? lol sorry new comers stick out especially on the east coast of the states where there are few members but are warmly welcomed). Turns out her best friend is a member and she has been secretly investigating the church on her own so she is not pressured and does it on her own time. She saw the example of her friend for years and always wanted what she had. We have been praying like crazy for her to have the courage to go. We will check up on her tomorrow to see how church went. 

For a couple of weeks the relief society (temple square sisters run it) presidency has been planning for the mission enrichment activity. We were all so excited for this particular one to hike "Ensign Peak" and listen to different speakers along the hike. For those of you who are unaware of what that hike is like it is comparable with "Bears Hump Hike" in Waterton in elevation and steepness but is only 0.6 miles. Not difficult at all but for those who are not used to physical exertion it can be hard. Sister Garrick and I were at the end of the pack taking our time when we heard commotion near the top of the peak. We ran up to see sisters circling Sister Barret, a brand new missionary to the mission. She had blacked out and hit her head on a large rock. Without a good cell signal or anything to cool her down Garry and I booked it down the trail to get help. Grabbing supplies and calling the senior missionary couple we turned around within minutes of reaching the bottom and ran back up the trail. It was so hot, steep and without much water I know Heavenly Father helped me make it back up quickly. When we had reached her there where too many sisters crowed and too much chaos. For some reason after she had come to Sisters and tried to stand her up right away so she blacked out again and started convulsing. This happened a total of 3 times by the time we got back up. I wrapped my jacket that I drenched in water around her head and shoulders to help her cool down. We got her in a comfortable recovery position and in shade. She was coherent and talking to us, but I was afraid she had a concussion. Another Sister and myself helped her down the mountain when she was stable enough to stand up. We took her to the hospital for treatment right away. She is doing really well now and even back to work! I think she had heat exhaustion and was dehydrated. It was a crazy day but I was glad to have remembered a little bit of first aid.

Yet again another Office day but we did get to meet our returning member we talk to on a regular basis at music and the spoken word!
Today we had a meeting to find out who is going outbound...turns out Sister Garrick is going next week :( I will miss my bestie of 6 weeks. I really love her and it will be tough without her experience in the office!
 P.s. I had a couple of people come up to me while emailing and say "your from Canada EH?! hahaha" people think its so funny and I don't get it. I love you all! I am trying to write all the nieces and nephews this week, I will send the ones I don't have the addresses of to mom and Dad and than they can give them to them all. I hope that works! Thanks for all the love and support!
Love Sister Vicbic Nelson

1. Returning member friend
2. 8am desk duty we found a fashion forward fanny pack
3. Finding out Sister Garrick is Out ward bound
4. Baking cooks!


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