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July 28th 2013

Hello Everyone!

Serving as OA is a very different way to serve. I feel as though I have an office job. The difference is that my boss is Heavenly Father and manager is the president. Both of them are very patient (thank goodness, because I am a shmag but learning) and I have my wonderful comp Sister Garrick who is fun and is a great teacher. I am using Microsoft excel, word and outlook (for email) to organize and run the legistics of Temple Square. I am so grateful I was in graphic design at the U of L for a year and a half. I know that was something that really helped prepare me. We do daily numbers, scheduling for the presidency, anything to do with paper work for the sisters (baptism reports, other numbers) and odd ends. It is very busy and piles up but I know that Heavenly Father is truly helping me. I don't get stressed or frustrated. If anything I became more calm when sudden things pop up or must be changed. I've had maybe 3 hrs of teach time on the phone, a couple hrs of square time, 2 personal studies and zero companionship study this whole week. But I love serving the sisters. That is what this assignment is all about. Helping the sisters serve. I know it will become less busy over the next week or so as well so there's nothing to complain about. If anything I am just am thankful Heavenly father trusts and supports me in such a large task.  

This week we had 2 different transfer weeks. The first we had all 24 of the new sisters from the MTC come. We helped them get all there new things sorted, fed and helped them until they were interviewed and  sorted into companion ships by the AP's and President. After running around trying to get all the paper work done that day the next day we had 13 new sister come from the Mexico mission and all the sisters returning from there out bounds. So we did it all again! It was crazy but fun. We now have 191 sisters serving on temple square! I love them all and are trying to learn all there names, some are super hard though especially some of the Polynesians and Europeans. Those 2 days were a blur, they went by so quickly. Running around making huge group meals, cleaning, doing office work and than making and cleaning up another big meal. We were in Cosco one day picking up food and I envisioned mom doing this very same thing day after day but with little nuggets hanging off of her and her shopping cart. How did you do it mom? 

We got to go to the Pioneer day parade. It was sooo Utah lol. Big fancy floats, hair and dresses :) It was so fun and our lovely presidency covered the square for us, they are so sweet and really work so hard for this whole mission. Our presidency has Pres Gillette who was a lawyer and knows everyone and everyone loves him. President Seppi, who is an architect who did the conference center, city creek mall and many other buildings. He is so kind. President Harman who is also a lawyer and one of the most charismatic people I have ever met. Everyone loves to talk to him and he makes you feel like a million bucks when you walk in the room. Elder Skanchy who is a Judge prosecutor for the State and sooo funny. He has a dry sense of humor but loves this mission so much, he takes care of the financial work and pass ports and documents. After the Parade we ran into  Elder Perry! He was shaking our hands and so sweet. 

Yesterday I met Stevey Wonder yesterday! He practiced with Mo-Tab and I bumped into him while he was leaving through the back of the Tabernacle. He looked so cool! he had a mow-hack in corn rolls, shades and a white long hippy shirt with black pants. Cool eh?! 

I had a bunch of "Sister Vick" moments this week, here are some: I mispronounced several sisters names on the phone while setting up interviews with them on the Phone. the best one was "sister Snee-deerr" she was very polite while correcting me, I now know it is sister Seidere. Its a Latvian name, you gotta cut me some slack on that one. We scared the AP's so bad by hiding in there closet before they got home one night. Just as they were kicking off there shoes to get ready to plan Sister Gordan screeched and did a little scared dance lol. Classic. I was taking a million pizza boxes out of the car for the new sisters and the trunk door landed on my head (softly dont worry) and I couldnt move! lol Sister Garrick came to my rescue after finishing laughing. I love serving with her. Its like I'm with Sister Pickrel again. I get to have fun and serve! (I have before but I think serving with Americans is different, they understand my humor better). We just have a hoot together. 

We were able to help a kid from the Bronx in NY to find a YSA ward near him so he could go back to church on an inbound call. He was excited and kept on saying, (read the following with a New Yorker, Bronxy accent) "oh okayy...okay..oh ya ya...oh thats haaat!" hahahaha goodness I love this mission! I was able to talk to Bryan my Recent convert! He is awesome! He is going strong, has great member friends and is enjoying the summer! 

I ran into Little Diana Torres!!!! SO cool! it was like i was seeing LG, Lauren mark and Diana. They are all so similar with some of there mannerisms. Man I miss those chikas! I haven't seen her since the day she was set apart to be a missionary! I love her and her mission sounded so cool. (PS what is your emails lady's?) I hated saying by to her and I still wanna talk to you miss Torres!

Well I gotta run but I love yall! your in my prayers always. Keep it cool and stay good!
Sister Nelson


Calling everyone in the mission to help the phone coordinators fix problems with the important phone list that keeps the square running smoothly! It was actually so fun to get to say hi to everyone and we had snacks!
Elder and sister Uchtdorf in Pioneer day parade (only in Utah)

Diana and I!

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