Sunday, 29 September 2013

"Lets Lay some Sod!" *check* seeds planted!

                                                        President and SIster Gillette 

This is a string of confussion because office service, though I love it, caused me to start late on emailing:
  •  Several 11 hour office days straight & with the help of yogurts on the go WE MADE IT THROUGH TRANSFER WEEK- "YEE-HAWW!"
  • My companionship was truly inspired. This week has been...difficult. Senior Companion is scary in the office :) BUT I am so grateful for this stretching and spiritual growth and I had SIster Bahr, she is everything I lack and more, sorry for the cheese, but it is true. It truly was an inspired decision, I know this because I have the inside scoop: The Ap's told they had me paired with a couple different sisters until a week before transfer conference President and sister Gillette returned from the bountiful temple with the inspiration to have sister Bahr as my companion. WOW I cannot thank Heavenly Father enough for that. She is a sweet, kind and fun missionary! The important qualities she possesses as a missionary is: Want to be obedient, caring for others, able to have a clear mind and knowledge for office service and missionary work. Sister Bahr is everything I needed to strengthen my weaknesses.
  • Getting pictures of the new sisters with each other is like herding cats, 2 sisters where still missing from the pic so I had to photoshop them in with out the use of photoshop lol it was brutal
  • Stuck in Costco for a half hour when the mission card did not work for the lunch in the next day
  • Investigator lesson with Elders from the SLC mission was so boss. Mostly because the spirit was so strong, and it made me feel like a missionary and not just an office missionary.
  • Secondly I am learning balance and to multiply my love for others I sound like a mom when I say that...weird.. for my district/companion, office service, and investigators. I am still working on it but I know through consistent council with my Heavenly father and following the spirits promptings I can do my best. 
  • I might be extending! I asked president a couple days ago so if its approved I will be home Aug 6th and if not June 25th fingers crossed!
  • Man this week has been hard but I learned a really good lesson through much tribulation, many prayers and a few tears: life is meant to be hard, heaven is for rest and thats ok, as long as I am following Jesus Christ, it's ok.
  • sister bahr and I: realized americans have no clue what "zed" is
  • had my first district meeting! and got to hang out with my district. They are all the best and I love how we are all so unique but we all love each other and are so hard working!
  • We have a progressing investigator who we were teaching over the phone and just before we invited  him to meet with the local missionaries and attend church he said, "sisters I love learning from you and plan on continuing to, is there also some people like you who live close by that could meet with me in person? And is there a church near by I can go to this sunday?" DING DING DING! YES!


Dropping off Sister Gerrrick at the airport.

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