Monday, 18 November 2013

November 15th, 2013

We have been getting a lot of new investigators (about 5 new this week again) but our goal is to help move them to progressing and meeting with the local missionaries.

One of my favorites is Jonni. She is in her 6o's and we met her after the movie "Joseph Smith: the Prophet of the Restoration"  as we were closing the film. We were actually late and when we got to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building everyone was gone. I felt so bad because I know missionary opportunities there are few and far between but when they come they are solid. There was one person studying the timeline of Joseph Smith's Life. For a moment I thought, "oh we shouldn't bug her"  than the spirit firmly prompted me that we needed to speak to her. We went over and the moment i said hello to her I knew why. As she spoke to us her countenance was changed. I had never met her before but I knew it had. Jonni was experiencing the spirit work in her in a way she had never experienced before. Its hard to understand or describe what this is like until you experience it for yourself. I have seen it in every person that is taught a doctrine of truth that rings true to them or just makes sense. I think the best way to describe it was Jonni was radiating the light of Christ, or as sister Kuo would say "there is a 'spack-oh' in her eyes!" We testified that the Book of Mormon was true and that she can continue to feel the spirit in the way she was right now when she reads it. We gave her a copy and exchanged information. She hs been to temple square everyday since that day. She came to hear our mission music fireside (which was so fun and the spirit was very strong), and yesterday we read the book of Mormon with her and taught her to pray out loud (she does in her heart but never out-loud) and ask for specific questions to be answered. Jonni is a choice spirit. We invited her to attend our temple square sacrament on Sunday and to Music and the Spoken Word. We are also trying to get her tickets to "Savior of the World" (which we saw as a mission last night so we can invite people to go to it, it was very good I highly suggest going or looking at it). She is only here for 6ish more days however and we haven't been told when it starts. The best part about it all is she wants to read the Book of Mormon with her Husband and son! To describe Jonni she has grey curly shoulder length hair, glasses, wheres jean button up shirts and is my height, she is sooooo cute. Her personality reminds me of a more laid back version but just as forgetful and sweet as mom!

Funny fact: The Mission Music performance held in the Assembly Hall was really good. We have been rehearsing for it for along time. The purpose was for our investigators and other missions investigators to come with their missionaries and feel the spirit through the music. There were violin, choir, harp, flute, acoustic, viola, and ASL. They were great! My favorite song was a group of 6 sisters who sang Joseph Smith's First prayer to the tune of Homeward Bound. I felt the spirit testify strongly that Joseph Smith did see heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. Than there was a traditional folk song written by the choir director that was suppose to be what the pioneers would have sang. It was weird. The worst part of it though is that there was a dance that went along with it. Can you guess who was dragged into participating in it by their precious companion they love so much and would do anything for? You guessed it me! I felt ridiculous we even danced in the audience, which completely weirds me out. I didn't even know the dance so I kind of just followed in the direction everyone was going in when I wasn't laughing or waving at a cute 3 year old girl in the row closest to me. Needless to say i have left my dance career behind long ago when I was 9 in jazz.

Love you all and as I went to the temple this morning I thought and prayed for my family and investigators. 

With BIG LOVE, (hahah) Sister Nelson

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