Monday, 18 November 2013

November 8th, 2013


Funny story:
So yesterday morning Sister Kuo and I had Tabernacle duty. That is where we are assigned to greet people who walk into the Tabernacle and use it as a finding and teaching tool its very effective....when there are people. That morning no one walked in for over a half hour! We were walking around, singing songs and chatting when an organist started practicing. He played a song that reminded me of a carnival song. We fought it at first but than we would not take it we started dancing about. All of a sudden we heard laughter from behind us! A couple was standing there watching us bust our moves! We all laughed and we apologized for not being more professional. They assured us that for 22 year old young adults we were doing pretty good. Man I can't believe it, in the tabernacle you can hear a pin drop but you can't hear a door open? What's the deal?

we went to a space museum for our last pday! we are on the moon in this picture! This mission really doesn't have any boundries!Inline image 1
here is a picture of sister Kuo and I! this is her first time experiencing snow! what a hozer eh? she was so excited! She has been one of my favorite companion. She is so strong, fun and has an amazing testimony. I am so sad that on nov 27th I'll be leaving temple square for my outbound mission experience. I really wanted to finish training her and learning from her. I know though that I will see her again when I return to temple Square. I really feel like I will stay good friends with her for a long time or at least I hope so.

Inline image 2

thanks a lot dad! I had no idea about Thierry, and as I read about your experience I realized how ungrateful I am for my situation. We get to teach every single day here, people ask for us to teach them. wow I need to repent and get back to work. That's actually what sister Kuo and I did. We recognized that we were not trying to be exactly obedient in all things even the easy little things. we recognized and repented as a companionship and resolved to help each other by correcting each other and consciously repenting daily for our short comings. What a blessing this has been. We have received 5 new investigators since I last emailed! As a missionary here and in general like you said we do not see the fruits or the exponential effect we actually have. I know I must trust in the Lord and his plan more.

Inline image 3 I love ya all and we are falling into winter down here!

PS SHAWNY!!!! MOM TOLD ME YOU PASSED!!!!! congrats!!!!!!!! So prouddd of you, may the plumbing force be with you!!!!!

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