Monday, 18 November 2013

October 25th, 2013

This is going to be random but long story short BEST WEEK EVER!

Sister Kuo and I are doing swimmingly! We are on track with the 12 week program, tired (like missionaries should be :), Using methods from the "adjusting to missionary life" booklet and preaching the gospel to every Asian from nu skin convention haha. But really we have received many miracles this week. The man Leo (about in his late 20's) was such a miracle. He is from the  Bejing area here with his fiance for Nu Skin. We met him alone awhile opening the Joseph Smith Movie an we could tell he was experiencing the feeling of the Holy Ghost for the first time. As we identified to him what that feeling was he asked how he could essentially feel it more and become more familiar with our religion and join it. We arranged to meet with him after the movie to discuss what he watched and teach him more. When we did we answered many of his questions and taught the restoration. We also taught him how to pray. He told us how he was already Christian, but how he wasn't very familiar with it. We invited him to pray, to read the Book of Mormon and to meet with us the next day. He did and he brought his fiance! He wanted her to experience everything he had. We than taught them both the plan of salvation and the power of praying as a couple relating it to sister Kuo and I how it has strengthened our teaching companionship by involving God in it. They really liked that. Leo also confided in us that he really did know that God existed until he prayed the day before with us. He said he knew in that moment that God did exist and was watching over him. WOW. I feel Leo, jessica and China are very ready for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am going to have to start practicing my mandarin more!

Today on the Square we met a man from china who was trying to get in adn take pics of the temple from the lobby lol. Jian was crazy but he accepted to read the BOM. He also told us he has faith in prayers being answered. This is his story: "I pray for many days to get a paper [Visa] to live in the french. One night I just pray and when I close my eyes I saw a image in my mind. A face with BIG smile was looking at me and nodding!" I wish you could have seen him showing us with his own face so funny and so sinseare. He asked if that was from God. Sister Kuo looked at me... and I said "The Holy Ghost tells us in many different ways that God loves us." He than said "are YOU god?!" Even though I understoud he didnt actually think we were god but he was unable to phrase what he was thinking, I assured him we were not but God sends messengers, and we are representatives of Jesus Christ serving to deliver this message to God's Children. The simple version of the restoration, introduction to the book of mormon and about 30 mins later he had a chinese book of mormon, a large smile on his face and many other materials. He accepted the invitation to read, pray about the book of Mormon (teaching him to pray was a whole other story ahaha) and  to have the local missionaries in Pennsylvania to teach him there. He was one of the strangest contacts I have had on temple Square. The spirit was definitely there though, so all is well all is well.

LOVE LOVE you all
-Sister V. Nelson

We went to the humanitarian center for explore day!

                                                                  Sister Kuo ("guo")

Only in utah

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