Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Hi YALLL! (my new Comp Sis. Garcia is from Texas! haha)

I LOVE the MTC!!!!! I never thought I would but from the moment I arrived the blessings POURED out! Me and Sis. Takahashi got there just in time to drop our bags off and see Elder Ballard Speak! An apostle of the prophet, the very apostle who assisted Pres. Monson in dedicating the Calgary Temple, neat right? On top of that we showed up 10 mins before it started and somehow (if you've you haven't had the pleasure of serving, it is impossible to get a seat even in the same building that late before it starts), we were seated in the 3rd ROW! Blessings people, they will come if you serve :) Since than the shower of blessings has been non-stop. My new Comp Sis. Garcia is gorgeous (in and out, people are drawn to her because of it!), Latino and so insightful about the gospel. We both agree we knew, loved and laughed in the pre-existence. 

My District and Zone are top notch. The sisteren and eldren are the silliest (as you can tell in the pics with Elder Nakai, Elder Nykamp and Sis. Peterson) yet the biggest spiritual giants. Sister Knolton (the best teacher EVER, she "spiritually roundhouse kicks us in the face" her words not mine lol every lesson) said when she first taught us that if we were willing we could have temple like experiences in that very classroom. She was right. The next day (day 2 at the mtc) we were all spiritually, psychologically and physically exhausted and were all ready to through in the towel for the night. These are her inspiring words,

"Remember the reason why you are here...its OK to be tired...remember you agreed to serve this mission in the are preparing the next generation for the second coming of Christ...He did not send Abinidi, Nephi, Alma or Ammon, He sent are not will be the Savior (lower case "s") to many souls."
-sis. Knowlton

After that inspired pep-talk we had the best lesson and role play. She invited the person I was role playing to pray for the first time to their Father in Heaven. Staying in character I hesitantly agreed and offered this persons first simple prayer. The spirit was so strong in the room it was one of those temple experiences. This instilled the principle that we are Gods children and He wants to hear from us. He wants to talk with us like He did in Heaven. He's waiting and all we have to do is open our mouths.

I was blessed to go to the temple today with my district. I love the Lords house. I love you all!


-Sister Nelson

P.s this is a shout out to Katie Baradoy, Lo Hall, Holly Dolly, Travis J, Michelle D and who ever else Dear Eldered me! I love it and it makes my day to here from my friends/fam!

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