Tuesday, 26 March 2013


It feels like I have been here forEVER but in the best way! I'm still learning the ropes but i have THE best trainer Korea can offer lol and T2. The first tour I ever did with Sis.Oh was in Korean! lol all I could say was: Hello! ("an nyung ha sea yo") Along with "My name is Sister Nelson, I'm from Canada!" (i'm not going to even try to translate that). I nodded a lot, told of some history and bore my testimony which Sis. Oh had to translate of course. My first phone call lesson (that's how we teach progressing investigators) was also in Korean, so same thing, but it was amazing how strong the spirit was. I think missionaries (myself included) focus too much about what they are going to say. It is important to remember that it really doesn't matter What you say. It is important How you obey the commandments. This may sound strange but if you are sincerely doing what is right you will have the Light of Christ. 

Not only are we teaching people from Korea but also from Africa, SLC, the UK and Alabama (even though it is hard to tell if Alabamans are speaking English HAHA). I had the coolest thing happen the other day while teaching in the Beehive house (they have computers and a small phone call center there as well) the other day. I called a referral from Alabama and I know I was helped by Heavenly Father. Firstly because I understood what she was saying and secondly because after teaching a doctrine, I felt the spirit so strongly and committed her to Baptism. She had said how she had gone to the Mormon church once and had received a Book of Mormon. She lost the book and contact with the missionaries but she liked it, she said it was different than her Living Spirit church she normally went to. It was quiet (lol) and the people were gentle. Her reply to my invite was: "You know I've been thinking about that book and the church, I think I'd like that." I nearly fell out of my seat for joy. The spirit was so strong. I love that woman and look forward to teaching her more. The spirit was so strong and I recognized it to be as strong as when my companions and I invited Sarah in Lethbridge to be invited to follow in Christ's footsteps. I know this is because that is fulfilling my purpose as a missionary and member of the church. To help others be as happy as I am, but more importantly for them to realize their full potential as a Child of God. i am starting to realize the meaning of the principles I sang about in Primary, " I am a child of God. Rich blessings are in store; If I but learn to do his will, I'll live with him once more." That moment was the second Happiest moment of my mission, if not my life.

It is crazy I have already ran into so many people here on the Square. I saw Lo Hall and Andrea Vance (on there way to the mtc) and Tara O, Becky Vance, Kimberly Mullen and Britney Mullen! So cool I also want to give a shout out to the Parkland Primary! I love you and miss you all! keep up the good work and sing the Primary songs they are the best way to learn how to be like Jesus Christ! I sing primary songs everyday for part of my study! Also to Michelle Davy who is a loyal writer  I love your letter Michy! and your testimony, you are so strong. Last one for the temple crew!!! WHAT?! you got to paint more in the Baptistery without me?!!!!! I was so temple sick when you told me that, but tell me all about it! Love u all tons I want funny story's!

Me and Sister Oh are having a great time as we work and realize our potential (as you can see in our pictures!) We get along so well, we are both hard working, follow the rules and can be goofs. Every night before we go to bed we tell each other 1 thing we liked the other did that day and a secret! lol She is so Asian I love it! (I'm starting to sound Korean when I talk. I leave out words and don't add "s" on the end of some words. Its weird, and freakin me out a little). Today we got to go on a T-square Field Trip for P-day! To......Goshen Utah! lol I know it sounds weird, because it is but hear me out. We drove for an 1.5 hr into the country. There were so many cows than all of a sudden we were in Jerusalem....well a movie set of Jerusalem  It was the neatest thing ever!! It was where all the new "bible videos" (found on lds.org) were filmed. As we went through a tour of it, it was shocking how real it was and how strong the spirit was there. The set was dedicated by Elder Bednar, because they were filming videos about Christ's life, ministry, Atonement and Resurrection  the only way I know how to share that experience is with this link: 

At the end of the tour we were taken to the place where they filmed Jesus Christ being Crucified. The three crosses remained in a field. The tour guide explained the feeling, after they had set up all the actors and just as they began shooting the scene. How the reality of what he was seeing has actually happened.  There were people mocking the Lord and how there was others weeping for the Savior. Then he asked us to decide what we will do for the rest of our lives, and to remember. This experience deepens my love for Christ. I am continually being strengthened to know how important the Atonement is and that He has risen. Jesus Christ, my Savior over came, Spiritual death (sin) and temporal death so that I can be clean, live with the Father again and live  to my full potential as a Child of God. I want to invite my family and friends to, as they watch these videos of Christ's life and Sacrifices, think of how you can deepen your testimony of the Savior. This is not just done in thought but must be acted upon. I know this will help you because it has already helped me. I have determined to learn of Christ more fully and try to be like him in my actions towards others.

CTR sister and Brother Friends!
peace and blessings from Sister Nelson

PS. Mission rules are now I can email anyone!!! so for security reasons i dont want to post my email here but if you want to e-mail me just post on my Facebook (in a message) your email and my fam will get it to me!!! I can't wait this is so much easier for everyone! :)

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