Thursday, 21 March 2013

I'm on the SQUARE finally!!!

Mom every time I picture you as a MOB member (Mormons on Bikes) with your curly hair peaking out of a matching silver and gold helmet I chuckle to myself lol. I'm pretty sure my new Companion (Sister Oh) thinks I'm Currr-azy! New companion you might say? That only happens when you get transferred. Well it happened I got transferred to.....TEMPLE SQUARE!!!! I'm finally here! it only took about 6 months but the Lord did it, I'm where I have been called to serve and LOVING every moment of it. On my way to Relief Society this morning Sister Oh and I took a picture in front of the Salt Lake Temple and I had to pinch myself to make sure it was real, and it was! 

So many things are different at the Square. We have Relief Society on Thursday mornings from 8 to 9 am. This is strange but Sundays are one of the busiest days of the week for any missionary, but especially Temple Square sisters. We have Sacrament on Sundays at 730 am than we get back to work. Work work work. This is literally what we do for 12 hrs everyday. I don't think I fully realized how difficult this mission will be, but I am exited for the challenge! Tours are just the surface of what the sisters do here. There's not enough time to describe all the work involved. The sisters teach to baptism, through texting to keep in daily contact, lessons on the phone, tours and Chat (online proselyting). It is a unique and effective way of teaching.

Sister Oh (pronounced just as it sounds lol) is from South Korea and so cute! I love her already and she has taken me under her strong wing. She is loved by everyone in the mission and a perfect trainer for me. I prayed for a sister who was train me with strict obedience, knew her purpose (to invite others to come unto Christ through baptism), and would love to workout. Within the first few moments of training she said, "Ok I want to go over both of our goals and expectations for our missions and companionship (such a good missionary already!)." Than through talking about a bit here and there, she is everything I was praying for and she LOVES to run! (mom I am SO exited). 

I am super exited for the History here. I am walking on sacred ground every day! Today Sis. Oh and I are doing "explore" day lol where we get to go to all the resources found just on the square. There is so many interesting facts and spiritually inspiring things. I am especially interested in the architecture and artwork in each area. If you haven't checked out the history of how the SLC temple was made or the Tabernacle do it! It is so neat and is physical evidence of the pioneer Saints love and faith for the Lord. Many miracles have occurred here and can create even more if you take interest and let them through the Spirit. Mom and  dad in the MTC I served with 6 or more sisters going to Winter quarters! I was so exited when you mentioned that in your email. I don't know many facts about W.Q. but I love those sisters they are the best. It is also important to think of why they have the visitor center there. It is not only to see the trials of the Saints but to see why they persevered and gained their Salvation. Although they had many trials harder than I can imagine to bear, through Christ they gained their salvation.

Heavenly Father knows exactly what he is doing. I feel like I'm the best person I have ever been (not at all what I'd expected to become but I am becoming happier and happier each day) because I am drawing closer to Jesus Christ and His teachings everyday. To explain some changes they are: I cut my hair!!! If you know me that is a big step lol, I am seeking how to be bold yet humble, I am trying to think of others before myself, I WANT and am on time or even early for things! I like getting up early and going to bed early (one of my favorite times of the day lol) and I have a clear perspective on what I am doing and where I want to go. This is not because of the "greeny fire" or vigorous scheduled. It is because I am turning my will to my Father in Heaven. He knows whats best for me and You. I can promise this clarity and happiness to those who do the same.

CTR I love you all!
Sister Canada Nelson (there's another Sis. Nelson here lol)

P.s. Mom are my vaccine records at home? I'm pretty sure they are on a printed piece of paper from a clinic, I need them for my mission to have a copy. If you could fax it in with help from dad than they can have it.

My address is officially: 

Sister Vickie Nelson
50N West Temple St. Rm BSVC,
 Salt Lake City, UT 84150-1891

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