Sunday, 17 March 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

I'm sorry to say 18 months is not long enough and I never want to come home! :) This e-mail will be a bit different it will be a series of journal excerpts:

This day has been A-MAZ-ING! wow. 1st Sister Garcia and I taught each other as each other (when we role play to practice teaching we usually play investigators). This was to learn to teach people not lessons. It was one of the best spiritual break through thus far on my mission. When I taught Sister Garcia I love her so much, earnestly wanted to help her and know her fairly well (I should I am with her 24/7) I could easily listen to her. Through LISTENING both to what she was saying and what the spirit was whispering, I was able to get specific insight from the Spirit of what would best help sister Garcia. When she taught me the same thing happened but in a specific way that the spirit knew I needed to here it. I have been struggling with using Doctrine of Christ and the fundamentals of teaching to teach clearly and simply. The spirit led her to relate my situation to Joseph Smith's experience when he was a young man looking for clarity. This led me to realize what James 1:5 actually means "If yea lack wisdom let him ask of God...who give it to all men & braideth not..."Why have I never connected this to my concerns other than gospel concerns. This can relate to helping anyone having difficulties in school, work and any other aspect really. Than it made me realize what happened when he asked, the 2nd most amazing event on the earth. This asking led to great abundance of receiving. This can happen for myself and others if they just put the work into it, have faith for it and ask.

 I just ran into the missionary that taught Cathie Queen (Elder Mella I think). Being at her lessons and being part of her conversion made me fell the spirit so strongly. It made me feel happiness in helping people come unto Christ. Because of the obedience and spirit these missionaries possessed I was able to feel the spirit as well. That spirit and happiness I felt, sparked my interest in serving. That idea grew from a desire to feel that spirit and help others too. I am so grateful for Heavenly Fathers plan for me. All my trials turn to blessings as I look at who I am becoming  The learning experience I can take from this and apply to my mission is to know that my influence will effect more than who I teach. HOW I am as a Missionary can and will effect the eternal decisions of those around me. For good (bringing them closer to Christ) or for bad (pulling them away from Christ). My influence (and the influence of yourself) can literally make or break their eternal salvation. We must be focused on our purpose and happily exited about the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Faith in Christ and His Atonement, continual Repentance, Baptism or renewing our covenants through sacrament every Sunday and enduring to the end happily).

How do I know it is the spirit whispering to me? 
"Be a good boy or girl...follow the covanents adn commandments you have made...and this act of 'good girl' will make you an instriment in the Lords hands...just follow the right."
           -Elder Bednar
Invitation: read Alma 47. Think of ways to stay "fixed with a determined resolution" on your mountain top.

Gods Commandments = Gods Love for Me
My Obiedience = My love for God
If you are currently not happy, think of a time when you were happiest. What where you doing? Do not let things of the world (toys and trips) destract you. Do those thigns which the Lord has commanded so you can be happy again.

I have more but my time is up! I started Visitor Center Training this past Wednesday. WOW this will be a challenging but so sweet of a mission. We have to completely rely on Heavenly Father through the spirit to tell us about these people and ":behold" there trials and spiritually heal them through what we share so the spirit can best touch them. We have 30 sec to 30 mins (depending on the person) to give them a converting experience. By the end of meeting them they should feel a prompting by the spirit of something they need to change and also have the desire to change it. Easy right? lol But let me tell you it is the best Job EVER!!! WE also get to do "chat" the online proselyting on It is an amazing and spiritual experience each time I go online. 

Thank you all for the WONDERFUL Dear Elder Letters, and thank you so much Norm, Ariel, Becca-boo and Sara-Bear for the package of pie! Me and my sister friends LOVED it! You are the Best. Thanks Michy DAvy for the letters each day they keep me going when it gets tough. Love you all!

The Gospel is Dope! CTR

Sister Nelson

p.s Here is my new address!!

Sister Vickie Catherine Nelson
Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission
50 N West Temple St. RM BSVC
Salt Lake City UT 84150-1891

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