Friday, 10 May 2013

May 10th 2013

I CAN"T WAIT TO SPEAK WITH YOU ALL ON SUNDAY!!! It kind of just hit me that I will hear your voices soon and it makes me so happy! don't worry I'm not distracted though. It's too bizzy, no time to be distracted. Sister Nakaima is the only Japanese Sister on the square right now available to give Japanese tours. So if we get messaged, on P-day, dinner, during an assignment we HAVE to take it! Its great though I love it. The Japanese people are always so friendly and you teach them so simply. Almost like primary because they have no concept of God, Christ or church really. It is teaching me to teach with clarity (which has been a goal of mine since I got hear, Heavenly Father helps us in the strangest ways! lol)

Also, as you may know, Sister Nakaima and myself are the new Youth Conference Coordinators. Man oh Man is it bizzy! But I love it! After one, I was able to chat with new beehives, they told me that a Recent Convert and another yw who is was less active wasn't there and haven't been coming. I was able to bear testimony to them of how powerful their love and friendship can be. I told them of an experience of my own that I am not proud of. i was a miamaid and was not as welcoming as I could have been to one yw. I know to this day if me and my friends had welcomed her in our circle of friends she would have had a better fighting chance of staying happily active in the church. They agreed to let me help them with these important yw. I can;t wait to get a hold of them. These young beehives have much more than I did at their age however. Each of them expressed a desire to serve a mission. When I asked them why each of them told of similar reasons. They wanted to serve and help people to be happy like them. WOW youth are amazing.

Random Fun fact list:

-THis week has been the best i'm learning Japanese and Canadian japanese (broken english, it elliminates the use of plurals, and contains english words with basic consept, so u sound like a 2 year old speaking but japanese peops can understand better)

-I get to coordinate a Youth conference and guess who the guest speaker is?!!! ............................ John bytheway! I am freakin out I cant wait!

-I realized I love sushi and my comp hates it, fake japanese pft
-Anti's requested a tour. They do this to try and confuse you with deep thought questions and  try to make u lose your fatih. It doesn't work on us, we stick to the Gospel of Jesus Christ (the best way), our testimonies, and have english as a second language (sister nakaima) makes them frustrated because she legitamitly has no clue what they are talking about. LOL

-I love running by the capital every morning with the sister friends
-I was able to get a young non member boy to start being engaged in a tour lesson by simply asking him about football (they don't care you know until they know u care. LOVE thats it)

-I ran into a sign today while giving a tour lesson :S I WISH U SAW IT SOOO FUN
My testimony is simple. I love My heavenly Father. He is my Father. He loves me so much that He sent His only begotten Son so that I can change. I can change to become more like Him.
-Sister Nelson

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