Friday, 10 May 2013

May 3rd 2013

So i have 7 mins to write this! so here is a string of random pics.
We had a music night performance it was so fun! friends (Knott family)/recent converts came! (YD)
Sister Pickrell and I had a fun bike adventure on her last p-day. She left me :( (for home)
I have a new companion Sister Nakaima from japan, shes so sweet and yes 3 comps now and I'm only in my second transfer at T2

(bike to capital hill look out on p-day so fun)

I love all my fam (mom i want to see a pic of u and dad on your slick rides. Julia the cat names: "Heat" "meatballs" and "peanut Butter" won. I must get 3 cats when I get home and thank u so much for all the letters Brooklyn, Will, Sydney, Aiden, Landon, Jace, mark and Michelle I was smiling soooo big when i received like 6 letters that one day. It really helps me while im here) and friends (HOLLY I WANT TO HEAR FROM U. LG i am sending u and Lauren a letter today i am so sry. u know me i take forever. and Bamber and all others i have missed i love u!)

UH i am out of time but I have so many stories sorry! love love love you all

Sister Nel-dizzle

Pics:  The architect/project managers  of the Conference center.Sister new companion Nakaima from Japan!!!

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