Sunday, 23 February 2014

February 3rd 2014

Chello Family and friends!

                                                                  Milwaukee District 1

This week completely turned around. Through diligence and obedience miracles are a reality. On Saturday we realized that our weekly goals were not going to be met unless we did something about it. We decided to contact at the mall ( yes we walk around and approuch people before or after shopping but we have to, people only go outside for a few reasons here. 1. alcohol 2. Custard 4. foot ball 3. get there shop on) for 5 hrs. Although there were many times we became discouraged we pressed forward. Heavenly Father put many people in our paths we had met before but had not led to anything (Caitlyn the 20 something makeup artist who was excited to learn and become more spiritual along with her mother), other investigators that we had not had contact with in awhile (we helped Melonie and her daughters prepare for her daughters play. We ran into them at Chipotle ate with them and helped the youngest apply her stage makeup because the mom was clueless) or members who were preparing others for meeting with us (the berry family has a close friend who has been reading from the book of Mormon and want those same strong family ties she sees in the berry family). All in all we were able to teach 9 other lessons, receive 3 new investigators (Adam the manager at 5 guys who is really funny and open to learn more, and Michelle the hyper but sweat manager at a bedding store who has been trying a variety of ways to find peace in her life but has yet to try learning about and conecting with God and Jesus Christ, and Dan a friend of another investigator we have), teach 1 less active family, receive many potential investigators and speak to over 28 people (our goal for the day) about the gospel. Wow! We are so grateful for our father in heaven who hears and answers our prayers.

"Think of that one person's posterity - they are cheering for you, eagerly waiting for you to help baptize that one person so they can be born in the Covenant and go on to serve missions where they will baptize many, many people." (-quote from fellow missionary)
This is soo true as we were talking with one person (maria the devout catholic who had gotta be at least 102 years old haha) I was going to give up, I felt it was not going any where.Than I thought of her beloved husband, who passed away a couple of years ago. I knew he was being taught on the other side of the veil. I than was filled with more desire to reunite these two people through the covenants that are essential. As she went on about how the boy who shovels her side walk had tried to scam her out of more money, I asked her how that made her feel in the end. Through this random tangent we were able to teach her how to utilize the atonement to repent and feel refreshed and full of love towards all men. Right than and there I asked her to try it to pray and repent. She said I could ahahaha. So I prayed and repented for her ahhaaha. Not exactly how its done but she did feel the spirit and committed to continue to try this for herself. THis is great I figure she already has immense faith in Jesus Christ, she is now repenting the next step in the gospel is baptism right? hahaha or I can somehow take a picture of her birth certificate and get baptized for her, I would just have to wait a couple years or sooo......hey! it worked for repentance! ahhahaah
                                                     1 YEAR wiser and colder too!

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